Reiki & Molecular Light Therapy

Kiel has been healing people through touch ever since he can remember, but his ability increased when the embodiment of light that he knows as God came to him, rattled his whole existence and propelled him to fulfil his life’s purpose. He remembered who he was and why he is here, and went through a profound spiritual transformation by the Grace of God. He is now committed to act as a catalyst for many others. As a vessel working with life force energy, and always being fully guided by Source, he came to a personal way of working, which he calls Molecular Light Therapy. Years later, the practice of Reiki also came to him and he got certified as a Master in that energy work, too. Kiel now works with both approaches to facilitate the most divine healing for each individual. To help as many people, to connect them to Source energy and help them remember their own divinity, and to ever pass on the torch of light-work is Kiel’s greatest purpose in life.

$120 per 1+ hour session. Couple and Whole Family sessions available too.
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Kiel offers Reiki level 1 ($180), Reiki level 2 ($240), and Reiki Master ($360) certifications. Contact Kiel to set up an attunement.